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8 Neighborhood Perks to Look For, Even if You Don't Use Them

Many homebuyers have a list of amenities they want in their new neighborhood, while others haven't given it a second thought. While you might think you don't need some of the most popular neighborhood perks, having them available will make the area more desirable and improve your home's resale value. 

Not sure what types of perks to look out for? Here are the top eight that are trending right now. 

  1. Access to Great Grocery Stores
    Thriving neighborhoods are often centered around food, so you'll want to make sure there are convenient shopping options nearby. Living near a fresh local food source like a Farmer's Market is ideal, but at a minimum, you'll want to make sure you're close to at least a few desirable grocery stores.
  2. HOA Amenities
    If you're going to be paying homeowner's association (HOA) fees, make sure you're getting at least a few amenities that are worth it. Some offer a community pool or clubhouse, and others offer perks like trash pick-up and landscape maintenance. It's always a good idea to get a full list of what your HOA dues cover before you commit to a home.
  3. Nearby Fitness Options
    A good gym or fitness center is one of the most popular HOA perks. Homes without access to an HOA-sponsored gym can still benefit from being near a public fitness center. Even if you never plan to join the gym, having one nearby is a benefit that might sway future homebuyers. 
  4. Walkability
    Walkable neighborhoods are all the rage lately, and it's a trend that's not expected to go away any time soon. Neighborhoods with sidewalks, plenty of outdoor gathering spaces, and a variety of businesses within walking distance are in high demand. 
  5. Access to Schools and Parks
    Even if you don't have children, living in a neighborhood with great schools and public parks will support your future resale value. Beware, however, of moving too close to a school or park if you're not going to frequent these places. You might find that dealing with the extra traffic and noise isn't worth the potential future benefit. 
  6. Proximity to Freeways
    Most people don't want to live right on top of a major freeway, but it's also inconvenient to live 20 or 30 minutes away from one. A home with easy access to major thoroughfares is a draw for many buyers. This is one perk you might think you don't need but will be thankful for when the time comes.
  7. Neighborhood Watch 
    A neighborhood watch shows that the people who live in an area really care about keeping crime low and taking care of each other. It helps to make your community safer and is a great way to build camaraderie with your fellow neighbors. If you're just moving in, it's also an excellent way to introduce yourself and get involved. 
  8. A Great Community Vibe
    Some people enjoy the feeling of being able to name-drop their well-known neighborhood. Others want to live in an area that's known as being hip, up-and-coming, or for having a unique, artistic vibe. Not only will this help ensure that you're going to love your new neighborhood, but when you're ready to sell, the area's reputation will speak for itself. 
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